Opening Arrangements 2020

Dear Member

I am pleased to inform you that finally we have received the go ahead to open the court for play.  The court does need to be set up and it is proposed to do this on Monday morning and therefore bookings can be made for Monday 1pm onwards.  Initially, it is proposed to just have the full court marked out with one placement per hoop.  All play must follow the covid-19 safety rules as detailed on enclosed attachment. Play this season is going to be different and to be honest less enjoyable than previous years but we have no option other than to follow the guidelines as issued by the Croquet Association.  As the season progresses we may find the guidelines being eased in which case I will advise you of any changes.

Gaining access to Kipling Gardens may initially be a problem until such time as the volunteer keyholders have been organised to lock and unlock each day. Providing no gardeners are working you can still play croquet.  You may require a key and I did think of a keysafe system but could find no secure place to position it and not certain permission would be granted. One answer may be to have keys cut for interested members.  Please let me know if you find this a problem.   Brighton City Council do not want play to commence until after 11am each day.  This is in order for their staff to work in a safe environment, in other words away from other people.  I feel I must also point out that currently the grass is only being cut once a week and no other work is being done.    You may be surprised at the poor state of the grounds.

For health and safety reasons it is likely a one-way system will be introduced in the Gardens. The council have big staffing problems for which we have to have some sympathy and going forward it is perhaps safe to assume that local government will continue to have difficulties into the foreseeable future. It does not look as if a replacement will be appointed for Evan.  What I am leading up to is the fact that we may have to take on more responsibility for ground maintenance than has been the case in the past.

The court is in reasonable condition although the fox has returned so please place the covers over the damaged holes. We have ordered a fox deterrent device which I understand gives off some type of sonic sound which they don’t like.  I’m not sure if it will work, but worth a try

Work will shortly start on the toilet repairs.  Currently the toilet is not in use (covid-19 rules) however, later in the season it may be possible to lift this restriction.  Trish has kindly given the pavilion a good spring clean and as facilities will only have minimal use, I have not prepared a cleaning rota.  I would ask members to deal with any mess etc which occurs.

Could I ask you to print out, kindly read and follow the covid-19 playing rules.   A copy will be displayed in the pavilion.

I would like to conclude by saying that I’m looking forward to seeing you on court, but unfortunately not so.   In spite of the restrictions and difficulties I hope you enjoy your 2020 season, certainly a year we will all remember.

Kind regards Derek